Saturday, July 20, 2013


Alright this may come as a shock but true Werewolves do not technically exist.

Now before you go biting my head off, here is why:

The DNA shift is impossible. To go from human to Wolf and back is also physically impossible. The bone structure/muscular system/nervous system/digestive system would have to change, the brain would have to rewire itself. Can you imagine the pain one would go through in the shift was possible?

But a 'Werewolf' can exist however through shape-shifting. Shape-shifting can be accomplished by a 'potion' of sorts or by magic. Or if the person in question is born a shape-shifter (again by the help of magic). The DNA would read as mostly human. Its possible for the full moon to trigger the magic and the shift takes place. Mind over animal instincts is a difficult thing to overcome. It takes years to fully master keeping your 'human' conscious present.

As for getting bitten by a werewolf, the magic can transfer via the bite.

Silver does counteract the magic, and it will kill the werewolf.

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