Monday, July 22, 2013


There are many ways a Vampire is portrayed, some very close to the true Vampire than others.

Vampires are in fact dead, all of their systems have shut down because there is no use for them. No cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, or reproductive. The only system that still functions if the nervous system.

Why you may ask?

Vampires run on pure Adrenalin, that is why Vampires are stronger and faster than normal Humans. But to supply their bodies with the energy to keep the Adrenalin flowing is difficult. They feed on Human blood to keep themselves fed. Human blood contains all of the nutrition they need and its in a form they can handle seeing that their digestive system does not work anymore. Plus an extra burst of Adrenalin from frightened prey is a bonus.

A vampires body goes threw various mutations. First the eye teeth elongate and sharpen to better acquire food. Second, due to the high amount of Adrenalin in their bodies their cells are constantly replacing themselves at a rapid rate (also that has a major part in their rapid healing) giving the Vampire the appearance of not aging. Over time however, they will start to show signs of aging, but it's usually subtle. Third, also due to the Adrenalin driving their bodies, their cells are very sensitive to the radiation/UVA/UVB rays from the sun. If they step into sunlight their cells will start to burn up. Its not instant incineration, but it does happen fairly quickly. Four, Vampire's do still have blood in their systems but its more viscous than normal.

Holy water/objects will not harm a Vampire. A stake through the heart will only slow it down, but not kill it. The only way to kill a Vampire is to kill its brain. The last thing you want is a pissed off vampire after you. The most surefire way to kill a Vampire is to put a bullet in its head, decapitate it, then burn it. (The burning may be a bit overkill, but better be safe than sorry.)

When a Human is bitten by a Vampire its usually for just feeding. Human's are turning into Vampires by the Vampire giving them some of their blood. The high amount of Adrenalin shocks the body, stopping most of is processes and overrides the brain. Vampires do have their own 'venom' that aids in the turning process. And its very, very painful to go through.

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