Thursday, July 25, 2013


Drow, or Dark Elf, are a race of Elves that live in the Underdark. They are mostly known for their role in D&D, fantasy games and books.

Typically Drow worship their Goddess Lolth (Queen of the Demonweb Pits, The Spider Queen, Mistress of Chaos, etc.) Spiders are very sacred to them. Their society is matriarchal; the females hold power and the males are their slaves. The hierarchy goes:
The Matron Mother (the ruler of each house)
Mistress of Arach-Tinilith (the academy for priestesses)
High Priestesses
Female soldiers
The Archmage (highest male position)
The Patron (the matrons current lover)
Masters of Melee-Magthere and Sorcere (school for fighters and wizards)
The House wizard and weapons master
Common male soldiers.

Drow are typically a cruel and wicked race, only trusting enough to get what they want. They will kill anything that they do not deem worthy (though there are some Drow that are very kind and compassionate). Like the spiders they revere, the females are larger and stronger than the males. Drow will go to the surface every so often to raid/kill a village of Light Elves. Drow are most noted for their ebony skin, snow white hair, and their deadly accuracy. They have a like for beauty and will shape their environment to match.

In a Drow city there are Houses. The Houses are the dwelling of one Drow family (which can range from 100 members to over a thousand). The Matron Mother is the head of the House and her sons and daughters are considered noble. If one of the daughters have a child, that child is not noble. The third living son is usually given to Lolth as a sacrifice.

Each House is jockeying for a spot on the Council of Eight, the first eight houses of the city. They are always invading other houses for a change of gaining rank. But the must do so secretly, quietly and swiftly, as their Goddess demands. If they should fail, usually by leaving one noble alive, their own house will be destroyed by the Council. Blatant murder is frowned upon, but quiet assassination is rewarded.


Monday, July 22, 2013


There are many ways a Vampire is portrayed, some very close to the true Vampire than others.

Vampires are in fact dead, all of their systems have shut down because there is no use for them. No cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, or reproductive. The only system that still functions if the nervous system.

Why you may ask?

Vampires run on pure Adrenalin, that is why Vampires are stronger and faster than normal Humans. But to supply their bodies with the energy to keep the Adrenalin flowing is difficult. They feed on Human blood to keep themselves fed. Human blood contains all of the nutrition they need and its in a form they can handle seeing that their digestive system does not work anymore. Plus an extra burst of Adrenalin from frightened prey is a bonus.

A vampires body goes threw various mutations. First the eye teeth elongate and sharpen to better acquire food. Second, due to the high amount of Adrenalin in their bodies their cells are constantly replacing themselves at a rapid rate (also that has a major part in their rapid healing) giving the Vampire the appearance of not aging. Over time however, they will start to show signs of aging, but it's usually subtle. Third, also due to the Adrenalin driving their bodies, their cells are very sensitive to the radiation/UVA/UVB rays from the sun. If they step into sunlight their cells will start to burn up. Its not instant incineration, but it does happen fairly quickly. Four, Vampire's do still have blood in their systems but its more viscous than normal.

Holy water/objects will not harm a Vampire. A stake through the heart will only slow it down, but not kill it. The only way to kill a Vampire is to kill its brain. The last thing you want is a pissed off vampire after you. The most surefire way to kill a Vampire is to put a bullet in its head, decapitate it, then burn it. (The burning may be a bit overkill, but better be safe than sorry.)

When a Human is bitten by a Vampire its usually for just feeding. Human's are turning into Vampires by the Vampire giving them some of their blood. The high amount of Adrenalin shocks the body, stopping most of is processes and overrides the brain. Vampires do have their own 'venom' that aids in the turning process. And its very, very painful to go through.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Fae or Faerie are separated into two categories: the Seelie and Unseelie.

Seelie Fae are light Fae, while Unseelie are dark. (Note: Light is not always good and Dark is not always evil). The Summer Court is comprised of mostly Seelie and the Winter Courts is mostly Unseelie. The both use Glamour and Iron can kill both.

Seelie Fae are generally the more helpful of the two while Unseelie are known as the tricksters. But the lines are blurred where some Fae are concerned. Take the Brownie for example. This little Fae is a house dweller and is attracted to shiny things. A Brownie will help keep things tidy around your house in exchange for 'payment' (usually tin foil or something shiny). But if you do not give the Brownie payment, you'll find the house in more of a wreck than it started with.

To see Fae they Fae have to give you the 'Sight' or they lower their Glamour. The Sight is the ability to see into the Fae Realm. Its said that the seventh son of the seventh son will be born with the Sight. Their are other ways as well: powder or creams made by the Fae that are applied directly to the eyes.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Alright this may come as a shock but true Werewolves do not technically exist.

Now before you go biting my head off, here is why:

The DNA shift is impossible. To go from human to Wolf and back is also physically impossible. The bone structure/muscular system/nervous system/digestive system would have to change, the brain would have to rewire itself. Can you imagine the pain one would go through in the shift was possible?

But a 'Werewolf' can exist however through shape-shifting. Shape-shifting can be accomplished by a 'potion' of sorts or by magic. Or if the person in question is born a shape-shifter (again by the help of magic). The DNA would read as mostly human. Its possible for the full moon to trigger the magic and the shift takes place. Mind over animal instincts is a difficult thing to overcome. It takes years to fully master keeping your 'human' conscious present.

As for getting bitten by a werewolf, the magic can transfer via the bite.

Silver does counteract the magic, and it will kill the werewolf.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Creatures of the Dark

We all know about Creatures, yes. However, what do we really know about Vampires, Werewolves and other beasties? I will attempt to shed light on them the best I can. First, do no ask me where I got my info… You really do not want to know. I will try to have each Creature on their own page. I will tell you this now: Most creatures really do exist. They are not part of our ‘over-active imaginations’. They are REAL. Now, before you go on about ‘why haven’t I seen one’ and ‘you don’t know what you are talking about’, the reason that you have not seen them is simple: if they want you to see them, then you will. Over the centuries, Creatures have gotten very good at concealing themselves to us Humans. Their ‘glamour’ as it is called, changes their appearance into what we Human perceive as normal. You will not find a Vampire walking out into a crowded street after sundown proclaiming, “Look at me! I’m a Vampire!” That is just stupid.