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Drow, or Dark Elf, are a race of Elves that live in the Underdark. They are mostly known for their role in D&D, fantasy games and books.

Typically Drow worship their Goddess Lolth (Queen of the Demonweb Pits, The Spider Queen, Mistress of Chaos, etc.) Spiders are very sacred to them. Their society is matriarchal; the females hold power and the males are their slaves. The hierarchy goes:
The Matron Mother (the ruler of each house)
Mistress of Arach-Tinilith (the academy for priestesses)
High Priestesses
Female soldiers
The Archmage (highest male position)
The Patron (the matrons current lover)
Masters of Melee-Magthere and Sorcere (school for fighters and wizards)
The House wizard and weapons master
Common male soldiers.

Drow are typically a cruel and wicked race, only trusting enough to get what they want. They will kill anything that they do not deem worthy (though there are some Drow that are very kind and compassionate). Like the spiders they revere, the females are larger and stronger than the males. Drow will go to the surface every so often to raid/kill a village of Light Elves. Drow are most noted for their ebony skin, snow white hair, and their deadly accuracy. They have a like for beauty and will shape their environment to match.

In a Drow city there are Houses. The Houses are the dwelling of one Drow family (which can range from 100 members to over a thousand). The Matron Mother is the head of the House and her sons and daughters are considered noble. If one of the daughters have a child, that child is not noble. The third living son is usually given to Lolth as a sacrifice.

Each House is jockeying for a spot on the Council of Eight, the first eight houses of the city. They are always invading other houses for a change of gaining rank. But the must do so secretly, quietly and swiftly, as their Goddess demands. If they should fail, usually by leaving one noble alive, their own house will be destroyed by the Council. Blatant murder is frowned upon, but quiet assassination is rewarded.


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